BNS/Armani Jeans

ARMANI is the largest brand of Italian clothing and shoes in the world, and has a history which stretches back more than 35 years. The main distinguishing features of the collection released under the trademark, Giorgio Armani since the 1970’s, are the unchanged devotion to the classic, but at the same time stunning novelty. ARMANI consists of elegant apparel for men and women, and a wide variety of accessories and perfumes.

Armani Jeans is one of the most affordable lines of Giorgio Armani and is therefore one of the most popular. Armani Jeans’s clothes and accessories reflect a youthful lifestyle, independent and carefree, but are yet very sensitive to fashion and new trends. The line annually releases new models of clothing, shoes and accessories, attracting the attention of fashion enthusiasts of all ages. They admire not only the conciseness of the models and the variety of colors, but also their elegance skillfully combined with originality.