MEXX is a famous Dutch brand utilizing the casual style of the modern metropolis.  In 1986, two clothing lines, mens’ “Moustache”, and womens’, “Emmanuele”, were joined, and the first letters of each of their brands were combined with XX, the international symbol for kiss, creating the name for this new brand. The brand appeared in its first advertising campaign showing a kissing pair and the slogan “Everything should be XX”.

Going beyond the limits of the Netherlands in 1995, the company immediately gained popularity in Europe. In time MEXX grew to become a global giant with more than 10,000 retail locations in more than 60 different countries. Today a wide line of products, mens wear,womens apparel, childrens wear, accessories, shoes, and perfumes can all be found under the brand name MEXX.

On the Russian market, MEXX, is exclusively represented by the company BNS Group. Its showroom open to wholesale clients is located in the very center of Moscow. Flagship stores of the brand are located and open to customers in the best shopping centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg.