The British women’s clothing brand, TOPSHOP, has been in existence since 1964. In 1994 the brand found its home, a flagship store of 90,000 square meters, on Oxford Street in London. Today it is an important point of interest on both London and world shopping maps.   

Aside from the main collection, which includes outerwear, accessories, underwear and shoes, the brand’s designers develop the line TOPSHOP Unique and present it semi-annually at London Fashion Week. The brand also has additional lines such as, Maternity - for expecting mothers, Tall - for girls of tall stature, and Petite - for ladies of smaller stature.   

TOPSHOP’s loyal customers are fashion industry insiders- stylists, fashion editors, photographers, and designers. Anyone who above all values style comes to TOPSHOP.   

TOPMAN is the successful men’s line equivalent of TOPSHOP. Thanks to an innovative, energetic, and positive approach to its products, the brand won first place in the mass market segment in Great Britain, and afterwards in the entire world. The goal of the brand is to create excellent clothing at reasonable prices, and it strives to be first among brands in other markets. On the Russian market, TOPSHOP/TOPMAN is exclusively represented by BNS Group. Flagship stores of the brand are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  • S / S 16
  • A / W 15
  • S / S 15


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