The showroom of Calvin Klein reflects the brand’s style in a minimalistic interior as it showcases the collection available for order to wholesale partners. The lines included are Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Jeans, and include shoes, accessories, bags, and linens. From season to season, merchandising specialists create the showroom atmosphere to be as close as possible to the style of the Calvin Klein image.
Moscow, Bakuninskaya Street, 73, building 2, 1st Floor
+7 (495) 980-65-98 (ext 1232)

The Michael Kors showroom is located in one of the most beautiful loft quarters of the city known as Danilovskiye Manufactory. The showroom is used for buying sessions for wholesale partners as well as for press events. The showroom space is done in a cold colored theme with pure whitewashed walls, which are underscored by silver –chrome hardware.
Moscow, 1-y Krasnogvardeyskiy pr-d, 21, Tower “OKO", 39th Floor
+7 (495) 980-65-98 (ext 7228)
The showroom of MEXX is located on the floor below the main office of BNS Group. It is used for training sessions for product personnel, placing orders of the collection by partners, presentations and other events. The space of the showroom reflects to the fullest extent the style of LOFT. Bright accessories and elements of décor in casual style recreate the atmosphere of a New York loft of the 1940’s.

Moscow, Bakuninskaya Street, 73, building 2, first floor
+7 (965) 980-65-98 (ext 1232)