KARL LAGERFELD is pleased to announce the launch of the KARL LAGERFELD JEANS brand and its debut collection for the Spring 2023 season. Bold and youthful with a streetstyle appeal, the brand’s signature aesthetic is defined by distinct codes: K-shaped stitch details, diversity in denim cuts, and an electric blue. At its core, KARL LAGERFELD JEANS celebrates individuality and self-expression, with styles made from more sustainable fabrics and manufacturing techniques.

The KARL LAGERFELD JEANS collection is made reflecting KARL LAGERFELD’s vision to lower the impact on the planet. The KARL LAGERFELD JEANS collection is made with more sustainable materials from organic and recycled sources, including organic cotton fibers that are produced without toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers and recycled polyester that is created from post-consumer or post-industrial waste materials like PET plastic bottles and apparel.

«KARL LAGERFELD JEANS brand celebrates diversity across new silhouettes, new treatments and unexpected new details. The look is creative, authentic and effortlessly cool, for trend-setters and rule breakers who want to stand out from the crowd», - said Hun Kim, Design Director of KARL LAGERFELD.

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